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Camino Del Rey [CD EP - 2013 Edition!]

Image of Camino Del Rey [CD EP - 2013 Edition!]

5.00 - On Sale

This EP was recorded as an exclusive tour-release for 2012, and on the second pressing in 2013 we recorded and added two more songs to it. Now we have a third pressing limited to 100 copies!

Camino Del Rey
Playtime: 22:45min

01. Parodyx
02. Without A Shred Of Dignity
03. Altruisten
04. Fear Of Falling
05. Morpheme (Sweden The Deal Outtake)
06. No Jurisdiction (New Fast Take)
07. Shy Boy (Secret Cover)
08. Fun In Funeral (For Sam)
09. Brag Rhetorics
10. Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

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